Of all the people on God’s Planet Eden, the President of the United States of America is perhaps the person most critical to world peace and the salvation of God’s Creation.

Ethicians everywhere are asked to pray each day that God blesses our President with the wisdom, courage, and ethical strength necessary to combat the many forces of greed and evil which will try to misguide him and lead him away from the paths of righteousness.

We pray that our President will attempt to govern his or her actions by the good examples set by Moses, Noah, Solomon, Mohammed, Buddha, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and other great spiritual leaders, servants, and children of God.

We pray that our President dedicates his or her life to establishing world peace, making sure that each child has food, shelter, and medical attention, and preserving and protecting each of God’s creatures from harm as did God’s servant Noah.

We pray that God’s will be done rather than the will of greedy and short-sighted manipulators, plunderers, war-mongers and others who worship money and power rather than the love-filled spirit of God.

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